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Scooter sale and rental in Siena!
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Welcome in our website!

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With ever 25 years of experience, we can offer to everyone and on everything the best quality / price ratio!

We sell motorcycles in Siena for decades, only from the best brands. We also specialize in the rental of scooters, bicycles, cars. We have an internal workshop for repairs and overhauls with a large stock of spare parts. We also offer a wide range of motorcycle accessories from the best brands.

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We sell scooter by Kymco: from smaller to maxi scooter, we offer a wide range of vehicles!

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Vendita Caschi e Accessori a Siena


Helmets, windshield, trunks, gloves, anti-theft devices and much more! All the accessories for you!

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Officina Perozzi


From repairs to ordinary vehicle review: we offer any kind of technical assistance, and all kinds of spare parts.

Our Services
Scooter Rental


We rent small and maxi scooters of any kind, bikes, and cars.

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RENT a scooter, a bike, a car or a van!

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